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The user acknowledges and accepts that all of the intellectual property rights that apply to all of the contents and/or whatsoever contents embodied in this Web Site (including, being the hereinbelow an illustrative and not an exhaustive list, all of those elements that devise the look and feel of this Web page; trademarks, industrial design, commercial names and designations, writings, comments, sound or visual recordings, graphics, databases, computer programmes, flow charts, presentations, structure as well as the open source of the Web Page) are property of EBS Consulting Group®(hereinafter EBS® and Simply Strategic Thinkers®) and/or third parties that have transferred their rights. To this effect, embodied in the Web Site is every production, irrespective of its mode or form of expression that constitute intellectual creations and that are subject to be protected by the intellectual property laws. The contents and elements embodied in this Web Sites may be total or partially displayed, copied, distributed or temporarily stored on a limited basis for noncommercial purposes and personal use only, provided that all copies include the indication of the origin and/or author of the work and, if ever, the copyright notice in a clearly visible position and/or intellectual property notices. In no case does the access to the Web Site confer any type whatsoever of permit, waiver, total or partial transfer, and/or a license to any of the rights the author may be entitled to, unless stated otherwise. The General Conditions hereby of the Web Site do not confer the User any other rights concerning usage, modification, distribution, public communication of the Web Site and/or its contents rather than those contained explicitly contained herewith. Any other use or exploitation of any of the rights the author is entitled to, require the prior and express permission in writing of EBS Consulting Group® or of the specific owner. Any usage, copy, total or partial reproduction, communication, distribution, modification, alteration, and/or the exploitation of the Web Site or the contents it embodies for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. Any other use rather than those set forth hereby will require prior written permission to be granted by the specific author of this work.


EBS Consulting Group® (hereinafter EBS®) has adopted all of the necessary measures, policies and proceedings as owner of this Web Site for it is committed to guarantee and protect the privacy of the Personally Identifiable Information ("Personal Information") provided by the user, in compliance with the international regarding of the Protection of Personal Data and regarding the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Business. Through the different areas that this Web Site maintains, the user may obtain information, purchase products or services offered. The majority of the services offered by EBS Consulting Group® in this Web Site are free of charge and do not require prior registry by the user. The only Personal Information to which the owner of this Web Site will have access to is the Information freely provided and needed to permit access, usage and subscription of any of the services offered through the Web. Any Personal Information you EBS Consulting Group® share with will be subject to all reasonable precautions to keep the information disclosed to us secure.
The responsible body of the files hereby, as well as third parties who perform tasks required to process and/or complete the data treatment or any person to whom the information has been disclosed - by virtue of the authorization given by the user -, are obliged to keep professional secrecy. Moreover, they shall be obliged to adopt the protection levels and and put into place the appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect the Personal Information collected, avoiding, where possible, unauthorized access, illicit modifications, seizure and/or loss of the Personal Information.
Nevertheless, the user is hereby informed and warned that the technical procedures are not infallible and unbattered. For this reason, the Responsible Person shall not be held liable for those practices nor their consequences. The Personal Information of the user, together with the Information gathered as a result of his/her access and use of the services requested, shall be used and disclosed in accordance with the purpose and form explicitly convened by the user. To that effect, the Personal Information shall be incorporated into a database, being EBS Consulting Group® the Responsible Person and owner of the latter.
By providing and registering his/her Personal Information, the user accepts and explicitly authorizes EBS Consulting Group®, as well as the entities of its field, to gather and collect, use and store the Personal Information following the terms deemed lawful by the applicable legal dispositions. The registry of the Personal Information provided by the user also implies the voluntary and explicit acceptance of the sharing and disclosing of the Personal Information to other entities of the same field as EBS Consulting Group®, be they ancillaries or collaborators. The Personal Information must be shared and disclosed in compliance with the purposes described hereinabove. The Responsible Person is hereby also authorized to receive from the aforementioned entities the subsequent information collected, even via interconnection forms, in compliance with the purposes set forth hereinabove.

The 15/1999 Act acknowledges the user’s right to initiate the corresponding access, modification, cancellation and opposition interests in relation to his/her Personal Information. The user shall be able to initiate his/her rights by addressing a letter to the Responsible Person at InfoDat by emailing us at: So as to be able improve the services delivered to our user and adapt our services to their technological means, we use small bits of data called cookies. The user may be informed whether he/she has received or rejected any cookies in his/her hard disk by selecting the options in his/her browsers, having to consult the instructions of use of the browser to obtain further information.
This Web Site does dispose of any links that allow disclosure of its information with other Web Sites. We are therefore not to be held liable for the security procedures of other Web Sites, subject to their own privacy policies, with links to our Web Site. Lastly, we inform you that the Responsible Person reserves the right to modify the privacy policy hereby so as to comply with any novelties or amendments in the applicable legal or case law dispositions, as well as, any modifications in the normal business practices. Any modifications, as well as the time frame in which they shall be deemed to be effective, will be previously and duly reflected.

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