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Sala de Prensa 2019
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Strategic Thinking Workshop with Agfa (Chile): un taller de pensamiento estratégico aplicado fue desarrollado en el marco del panning weekend de la empresa Agfa Pacific Region. El programa que incluyó a todos los gerentes regionales fue implementado por el Socio Director LatAm, Dr. Garrido.

S2S Workshop in Miami (EEUU): un strategy Lab sobre las tendencias de escenarios disruptivos 2030 realizó el equipo LatAm con la Cámara de Comercio de Florida, para un centenar de sus asociados. El programa consideró la presencia de facilitadores Senior y se centró en las variables de interés de los industriales presentes.


Dow Chemical Company Workshop (Switzerland):

A workshop on strategic formulation and execution is being developed these days in the offices of the chemical multinational in Switzerland. The corporate planning team members are perfected during this July 2019 in Compliance and Strategic Scenarios.


ADE Workshop in Madrid (Spain): un taller de ADE (metodología propia de nuestro Grupo) se ha desarrollado de la mano del Socio Director en España, con los máximos directivos de Barklay’s Bank. El equipo ha concluido parte de la primera etapa de análisis de desempeño estratégico.

Workshop and design of Strategic Planning (Miami, Fl):

A developed work plan that includes members of the Corporate Strategies Group of Harvard Business School in TBC modality ("Boutique Conference Workshop"), was developed during the last week of August in Coral Gables. The professionals were received at the Sheraton Comander Hotel and the work sessions were held at the Bank of America Buiding.


New visit and program at Anderson UCLA (USA): a group of more than thirty executives, executives and EBS clients from the banking and finance sector will meet at the Anderson School of Business (UCLA) during the first semester of this year, to catch up on issues of economy and business.



Presentation of the Water Planning of Barcelona at Hotel Ritz-Carlton (Barcelona, Cat)

A presentation on strategic scenarios and 2020 corporate objectives for the new triennium was presented at the Corporate Head Summit in Spain. This traditional scenario design and annual planning activity was developed thanks to the EBS Corporate Level Strategy team in Spain.


High Strategy Program for Grupo Santander (Spain):

The Senior Partner, Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido and the Executive Europe Director, Albert Dueñas, will develop the Strategic Performance Analysis (ADE) workshop at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Madrid for the staff and managers of the corporate planning group of Grupo Santander.

High Strategy Program in Telefonica Group (Brazil, Colombia and Chile):

The High Strategy accompaniment program is installed in LatAm by the Senior Board, with working sessions between May and October 2017 and 2018 projection. The consolidated sessions will be held in capitals and regions, assuming an increase of 29%. % in investment on strategic scenarios for our associates.


Education Report and Directors XXI is delivered for the fifth consecutive year (Madrid):

The report financed with World Bank Funds commissioned by the Ministry of National Education and the Forum for European Competitiveness XXI (FCE) shows the training gaps of BBA students, versus the needs of companies in the world. The consolidated comparison with OECD countries will be presented by our board in 2018.

Strategy Workshop in Mexico City (DF): a meeting with the top executives of the largest insurance banking group was developed in TBC mode ("Workshop Boutique Conference"), during the first fortnight of December in DF.


inCompany Workshop in Santiago de Chile (RM):

A workshop on strategic formulation and execution will be held in Santiago during the first and second weeks of January 2017 in the Banco Santander rooms. Senior local consultants will carry out an inductive and executive work with the talent representatives of this important global bank.


inCompany Workshop in Mexico (DF):

A workshop on formulation and strategic execution will be held in DF during the second week of October in the private rooms of Banamex. The Managing Partner Dr. Garrido and the local consultant Mr. Santoyo will carry out the management or executive work with the members of the front line of corporate banking during October.


Strategic Formulation Workshop Program (Aug): the permanent advisory program for executives in Santiago de Chile has produced the program of improvement, design and strategic formulation for a group of 30 local managers.


Working session in ADE method with Executives (Mexico, DF):

A group of more than thirty motivated executives, including Presidents, Vice Presidents, Corporate and Area Managers, participated in this ADE workshop that took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Mexico City DF. The representatives of important companies in the banking, energy and telecommunications sectors -among others- closed the meeting between applause and materials that add value to their professional exercises and companies.


We were at a meeting of Multinationals at Harvard (Boston, MA):

We were again selected to participate in a new meeting with more than forty important multinationals with a global impact, through their Presidents, Vice-Presidents and CEOS’s. The companies were selected for our excellence in the design and execution of corporate-level strategies. This was the framework in which EBS participated in this meeting in which important companies were present, such as: Moodye’s, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, among many others.


Strategic Planning Activity for Grupo Bancolombia in Cartagena (Colombia): A program of "Strategic Coach" was developed by the hand of a major Colombian banking group, during the second half of this year. During the first semester of 2013, it is expected to materialize a biannual contract with the Santiago de Chile office and associated office in Bogotá, Colombia.

Corporate Level Strategies with Petrolera Mansarovar (Bogotá): Our Senior Team for Latin America has recently developed a discussion on "Corporate Level Strategies" with the senior management team of the China-India oil company Mansarovar. Among the opinions expressed by the executives, Mansarovar was thanked for "a conference of such high level and inspiring for those of us who are in the business world." Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido is a specialist in the subject and for us he has been a proud count on your presence".

Advisory meeting in Canada: Our consulting team from Chile and Spain has held meetings with the Vice Presidents and Managers of the oil companies to guide and optimize their work in the design, formulation, planning and strategic execution of ten-year scenarios.


Interview for CNN (Chile): Dr. Garrido’s opinion has been asked about his strategy concept and the role of strategists in the business world.

Bur Dubai (Emirates): an intense week of consulting work in the UAE develops a joint team, led by Bernanke Watts Associate Consultant, and the Latam Associate in Dubai.

Regatta for customers in Chile and Spain

The Gravity sailboat, in which EBS has participated in corporate competitions, has been awarded in one of the toughest competitions on the Pacific coast at the beginning of the year. The team has maintained the hard edge of the meeting with owners and managers of client companies of our firm. Congratulations to all.


Conferences and workshop of Strategic Advisory (Colombia): An intense activity will be developed by the Managing Partner for Latin America and his team in Colombia. It is expected to visit Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Bogotá and Medellín, in a road show that includes ADE workshop and conferences with management teams of important local companies.

Strategic Advisory Report for the Bank of Spain (EU): part of the team from Barcelona and Santiago participate in the "Trends & Market Report" that has been requested by several banks in the Eurozone.


Strategic Thinking Program at Banco de Chile (April-Nov): part of the team from Barcelona and Santiago have participated in the coach program at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Santiago de Chile.


Strategic Encounter in Boston (USA): un encuentro de trabajo y aprendizaje realizará el Socio Director Francisco J. Garrido a Boston, Massachusetts durante el mes de Marzo, con el fin de compartir nuevas prácticas en materia de apliaciones estratégicas, donde además compartirá casos y se reunirá con miembros del HBSCLS. A working and learning will take place in Boston with Francisco J. Garrido (Associate Director), during the month of March, in order to share new practices in strategic aplications and also share cases and meet with members of HBSCLS.


Strategy Workshop ADE in Bogotá (Colombia): a meeting with the top executives the largest Colombian insurance group was developed by the Managing Partner Francisco Javier Garrido, in the modality TBC ("Taller Boutique Conference"), during the first fortnight of March in the city of Bogotá. During the first fortnight of April, a strategic coach workshop is expected to be carried out by the associated office in Bogotá, Colombia.

Walmart moves the market again (Santiago de Chile):Our Director for Latin America was consulted by CNN regarding the impact that the sale of 11.39% of the subsidiary in Chile of the North American retail giant by businessman Mr. Nicolás Ibañez (CLS Member in Harvard too) has had over time.

Start of Execution and Audit of Corporate Level Indicators: the Working Group of Corporate Clients and special programs in Chile (Corp. Desarrollo Social, Chicureo), has begun the execution and audit stage of its corporate management indicators for its executives and eighteen strategic business units. The process of Strategic Execution and monitoring of indicators will be done on the Group’s Kernelflex platform.

ADE Program completes the 2015 structuring stage (Chile): The work team in charge of the Senior ADE of Santiago de Chile have concluded the first stage of strategic performance analysis 2016-2017. Now begins the design stage of management control indicators, aligned with the corporate strategic plan.


Scenarios Report for the European Banking Sector (Barcelona, Spain): the report will be presented on Monday, September 10 at the Hilton hotel in Barcelona (Avenida Diagonal 589, Barcelona, Spain) and the attendance has been confirmed by invitation.


Strategic Planning Team meets in Barcelona and Madrid (EU): the work team has been led by Associate Juan David del Pozo and the managing partner, Francisco Javier Garrido. The planning and advisory work has taken place in the W hotel in Madrid and in the Barcelona office.

M&S Workshop, Roma (Italy): The Corporate Finance working group has developed a WS on M & A at the NH hotel in Rome. The central topic of analysis has been the growing process of integration and sale of client group projects in the public and private sectors.

Strategy & CSR for ENTEL Group: one of our corporate clients since 2007 has been Grupo ENTEL (Chile) in the area of formulating the strategy and indicators of the CSR. Along with multidisciplinary teams, ENTEL and Ericsson (LatAm) have jointly developed a new cycle of meetings in various regions of Chile. The cycle includes our local team and a managing partner, together with the Corporate Affairs Management of Grupo ENTEL and representatives of McCann Ericksonn worldwide group.

RSE para ENTEL 2012


Interview for CNN (Atlanta): CNN has requested the opinion of our CEO for LatAm against the value of Apple and the legacy of Steve Jobs: through our Managing Partner in Chile we have contributed our vision about the value that the company generated in the Industry as a legacy of the last 14 years of the CEO and founder of Apple (2011).


Interview for CNN (Chile): CNN Chile has requested our opinion regarding the purchase that Google has informed this second fortnight of August on Motorola: through our Managing Partner in Chile we have contributed our vision on the strategic reasons that explain this purchase and the possible scenarios that are configured to from this in the scenarios of the global technology industry.


Interview for CNN (Spain): Analysis for CNN regarding the markets against the reclassification of US debt: through our Managing Partner in Chile we have contributed our views on the possible effects that the downgrade in the AAA classification of the American Treasury bond could carry over the confidence of the markets (July 28, 2011).

Presentation of the Planning of Agbar (Barcelona, Cat)

The AgBar presentation was what brought together the Corporate Managers of the Catalan group in this prestigious hotel in Barcelona, this traditional review and annual planning activity developed by EBS in Spain was developed.


Successful Book Launch: Dr. Francisco Javier Garrido, Managing Partner of our Group, presented his work "The Soul of the Strategist" at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Santiago (Chile). His doceabo individual work was presented by Guillermo Turner, Director of Diario Financiero de Chile and by his friend Sergio Melnick, President of the prestigious consultancy Anticipa S.A. Among the guests were Mrs. Alicia Alderete, Finance Manager of CNN, Mrs. Maribel Vidal, Vice President of McCann Erickson, World Communication Group, representatives of the Armed Forces and personal guests of the author..


Left: aspect of the presentation of the book (left to right): Guillermo Turner, Fco. Javier Garrido and Sergio Melnick. Right photo: this activity brought together personalities from the business world, in the image together with Maribel Vidal, Vice President of McCann Erickson World Communication Group.







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