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In the US

Our consulting fimr is founder member of
The CLS (Corporate Level Strategy Goup) in Harvard Business School


In Spain

Nuestra firma de consultoría adscribe a los códigos profesionales del Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Ciencias Empresariales

In Canada

Our consulting fimr is audited by the professional codes of
The Strategic Tinking International Institue

Welcome to EBS Consulting Group

We are a strategy consoulting firm, leading in advisor on business and markets strategic thinking. We are partners of our clients in many sectors and industries (public and private), to indentify the apropiate strategies and values opportunities in a changing world.

The personal strategic coach and our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable strategic visions, values and results.

We are EBS Consulting Group©, we are simply strategic thinkers®


We are a boutique firm of strategic thinking and strategic consulting for clients and global businesses. Our clients participate in multiple sectors and industries (public and private) and our job is to identify for them the best strategies and appropriate opportunities to create value and wealth that transcend over time.


» Short News:

"China Strategic Focus" (June)

"Boston HBS reunion" (Nov)

"Oxford International AMP on Lidership" (Oct)

"Colonial Real State" (Sep)

"Mansarovar Petroleum" (Aug)

"Pacific Rubiales strategic encounter" (July)

"Santander Madrid ADE" (June)

"Bur Dubai Strategic encounter" (May)

"Consulting Trip / Colombia (March)

"Strategic Advisory in Chile" (March)

"The European Focus" (Jan)

"Harvard CLS enconunter in Boston" (Oct)

"Rome and Andorra M&A Workshop" (Sep)

"Corporate Strategic Planning" (Sep)

"CNN Enterview" (Aug)

"CSR enconunter in Boston" (Jul)

"CSR Report" (Ap)



159 University Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5H 3B9

T.l (+4) 876 3303


Calle Quai Du Serjen 81
Principal 1ª
Zurich, Suiza
Post Code 08001
T. (+41) 22 7797126

Calle Aragón 363
Principal 1ª
Barcelona, España
Post Code 08009
T. (+34) 93 476 6980


Calle San Sebastián 2812
Principal 4ª, El Bosque N.
Santiago, Chile
Post Code 058230
T. (+562) 2 3262735


Our opinion is considered by the media

The valued opinion of our Managing Directors is considered both in Europe and in the United States...(more)


EBS invited again to Multinational meeting at Harvard (Boston, USA)

A meeting of more than forty important multinationals that add value or have been highlighted for their excellence in the design and execution of their strategies, was the framework in which EBS participated ...(more)


Weekend of presentation, planning and sailing in Santiago of Chile

With the presentation of a strategic orientation guide and indicators reports linked to financial results, our consultant met with Chilean Corporate Managers where she also participated in an entertaining sailing time ...(more)



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